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Evolve Framework

Evolve Framework (EF) is a plugin for WordPress that offers a variety of tools to ease the development of themes and plugins.

Who's it for

EF is primarily directed to developers that are already familiar with WordPress development practices; however, EF wants to have an entry barrier as low as it can possibly be, so that it can be more useful is less time also for those who are beginning tackling WordPress development.


Being a plugin, EF can be activated or deactivated at will. This is a fundamental difference compared to other frameworks that are included in the products that use them (drop-in).

EF wants to provide a set of low impact tools that makes the plugin a companion for development, rather than a collection of pre-implemented, tweakable, features: if you're using the framework, you should only take advantage of the things you need, without unnecessary stuff being automatically activated, if not relevant for your project.

EF aims at being predictable, by enforcing a series of conventions and patterns, wherever possible.

Last but not least, EF is designed to be scalable, maintained over time and fully compatible with localization tools.